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If you’re looking for legal advice and you’re short on cash, this woman might have a hack for you. She took care of her own legal issues and shared a video showing how she was able to do it for free.

Gina Penelope shared a video on TikTok captioned “No love story we didn’t make it but god bless him haha ​​honestly you will always be remembered.” His advice has racked up over 1.5 million views.

She shared in the video that she had searched for a lawyer on LinkedIn. She then visited a nearby Starbucks for a week in a row hoping to run into him.

Dated a lawyer for legal advice (Image credit: Gina Penelope/TikTok)

Gina ran into him and the lawyer finally asked her out. They dated for about a month and during that time she was able to get enough help from “Frank” to resolve her legal issues.

“A few years ago, I needed legal advice and couldn’t afford it. So I did some research on LinkedIn. [for] a lawyer in my area who could help me,” she described in the text of the video. “And then I bumped into him for a week straight at his local Starbucks until he asked me out.”

“We dated for about a month during which he helped me a lot and I resolved my legal proceedings.”

Warn all the lawyers out there

The comments section was very supportive of the move. There were a few skeptics, but according to Gina, her story is true.

She told one of those skeptics that it was true, but she didn’t have much luck trying to recreate the moment with other situations. She said: “It is!! I had tried again on other subjects and it didn’t work out so well, but I’m so proud of this one!!

It is both genius and a sign. Be on the lookout for this one, especially if you’re a lawyer.

TikTok Gina Penelope Lawyer Hookup
(Image credit: Gina Penelope/TikTok)

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